Tuesday, 2nd of March

Crikey! Nearly a whole month has gone past and I have not updated my blog yet! A lot has happened since early February.

Having just read again my last blog entry I was reminded of the day I did go mountain biking with John and Catherine. It was really fun, even though it was a bit scary! I am used to riding a racing bicycle very fast on the road, so I was quite hesistant to suddenly get on a mountain bike and have to go between all the trees and carefully over the rocky, slippery, dangerous path up and down the hill-side. It was very exciting though, and the view from the top of the hill was breathtakingly beautiful. I love the huge blue harbour and the great green, wind-whipped hills stretching back towards the sea. The bike ride was only for an hour or two in the morning before it was too hot, and so afterwards we went to a nice cafe for lunch. It was a great way to share some more ‘quality time’ with my good friend John.

During the last weekend of my stay in my home town, I went back to the church where I used to go every Sunday when I was growing up. It was for the wedding between my mum and Adrian, and so both his and my mum’s families were there in the small church. You can see some parts of the service in some video clips I posted to YouTube.

Both before and after the service I got to meet many of the people in Adrian’s family, including his three sons and all of their family members. I had met his sons before, but, that was when we were all at primary school (or ‘elementary school’ as they say in the USA). It was really nice to see them all again having grown up and settled down around the country, and to see some more of my aunts and uncles and old family friends from ‘Wadestown,’ the suburb where I grew up.

Then, very quickly it suddenly seemed, my three weeks was up and it was time to come back to Gwangju. The plane journey included stopovers in Melbourne and Hong Kong, but, it was not long enough to bother leaving the airports, so I just walked around in the sunshine outside the airport, and took pictures, ate some local food, and then sat down in the warm summer sun and fresh air to read. I saw two beautiful wild parrots standing around by the side of the road in Melbourne. They had pink and red wings, and large hooked beaks. In Hong Kong I ate fresh rice noodles for breakfast outside, and watched the sun rise above the clouds over the hills. Finally, after nearly a day and a half of travelling, I arrived back to my nice small apartment in Gwangju, and slept for a long time!

Today was the first day of the new year’s classes. I was not sure how many students to expect to the essay writing class, but I thought that there would no be more than ten in class. Actually, in the end, there were twelve students on the register at the end of the class session, but fortunately one student had not shown up. I gave away all my prepared papers including my own copies to the eleventh student! It is really nice to see so many students interested in learning, and in learning more, about essay writing. I am sure this course will be the best I have taught yet in terms of the material and the presentation, and, now I also wonder if it will be good in terms of a high standard of students with their quality of writing and learning. Anyway, I hope this course is good, or even better than they expect. We will soon see!

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