Friday, 5th of February

Wow, it’s been a nice, long week.

I’ve eaten almost every dinner with my mum and Adrian, her fiance. On Wednesday night though I went around to my best friend’s place to see him for the first time in a year and a half. He is still going out with his girlfriend, which is good; she is a really nice person, and I am glad to see them both happy. We actually went around to her home, and she had cooked a chicken pie for us all. There was not much chicken in it, and there were other yummy things like vegetables and beans. Also, the chicken was free-range and organically fed. It was delicious!

I’ve been staying up late this week though, writing emails to my first sister. I was hoping to see my first sister, and meet her boyfriend again, but they have left Wellington and gone down to the South Island, very far away. Public transport between cities in New Zealand is very bad. It is slow, and expensive, and the planes, buses and trains do not run very often, so, I am not sure when I will see them again. I hope they are all right.

Tonight my mum and Adrian have gone away for the weekend, and left me all alone in his house. It’s nice and quiet and peaceful, but I missed them about two minutes after they left, so I called John and invited him and Catherine around for a beer. … Then I realised I did not have any beer in the house, so I ran out to buy some very quickly before they arrived here. We only drank one beer each, but it was nice just to sit around and chat some more. We talked about many different things, but we also planned to go mountain bike riding early tomorrow morning, so, I am going to stop writing this now, and go to bed to go to sleep early.

The last thing I will write here now though is that tomorrow is Waitangi Day. I like Waitangi day. It is very special in Aotearoa – New Zealand. I hope I can eat some kumera chips and potato bread!

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