Monday, 1st of February

Today I slept in a bit too late again but then got up, had breakfast, and went down town for a swim. I then went to the bank to sort out about money, and then checked out a shop or two down town.

Wow, inflation has pushed up the price of the swimming pools! Like the guy to whom I gave the money for the swim said: ten years ago one swim cost only $3.50, but now it’s $5.30!  By contrast in Gwangju one swim at Kia Car Factory swimming pool ten years ago cost only w3,000, and it still does. Where Korea’s prices have increased is in food and accomodation. Swimming is thus still much cheaper in Korea, although there are usually less people in each lane of the pool in New Zealand, and the water and the floors are usually much cleaner perhaps as a result of this relative lack of customers…

One of the shops I visited after my swim was called ‘Commonsense Organics‘. They only sell organic food and products. They are really expensive though! I bought one loaf of organic bread, one bottle of red wine, one small biscuit (or cookie), and some small oranges (or mandarins) all for about $37 (or about w42,000). The wine was more than half of that total cost though… so I hope it’s good!

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