Thursday, 28th of January

I woke up to my alarm going off at the previously regular time of 6.40 a.m. I showered, ate, cleaned up some more, and then dragged my two bags and my sleepy self outside through the cold morning air to a taxi to the express bus terminal. The taxi driver was a nice guy, and I took a brief video clip of the drive to the bus terminal for a friend here in New Zealand who has never been overseas. Upon arrival at the airport I was happy to find the next bus went within 15 minutes, so I filled my water bottle and got on the bus. A nice guy was sitting in the seat across from me, and after the half-way rest-stop visit we started to chat a bit. It turned out he was a Chosun University student and lived in Jisan Dong! He was a postgraduate art student and was going to Beijing to study Chinese art for his Masters degree. We chatted mostly in Korean, as even though he had lived in Australia for nearly a year his English was not very good. He was a nice guy though and I was happy to chat with him. When we arrived at the airport I shook his hand and wished him good luck in China, and said ‘See you next time.. in Gwangju!’

In the airport I found my plane had been delayed by two hours. It was a Cathay Pacific flight, and they had prepared a vegetarian meal especially for me, but, my priority was to get to Sydney quickly so as to see my brother, so, the guy in charge made some phone calls and found me a seat on a Korean Air airoplane which was to leave and fly directly to Sydney (instead of stopping over in Hong Kong, as was my original flight).

The plane was full, but I was sitting next to two nice younger woman. One was ‘an Australian-born Korean’, and the other was Turkish but living and studying in Sydney. They were actually both students at Macquarie University but had not met yet as they were different ages and majors. The Turkish student was a mathematics and a Masters major, and, as it turned out, had a boyfriend from Indonesia. The other one looked Korean, but sounded Australian. She did speak very good Korean, but her English was also perfect, and with a real Australian accent. They were both interesting to chat with, but neither really wanted to talk much, so we all enjoyed watching different movies. I was happy to discover a couple of science fiction movies. I also really like Bruce Willis, and, have recently enjoyed watching animation clips on YouTube, so, I was very happy to finally see ‘Surrogate‘ and then watch ‘9‘. Both of them were fun and quite nice to watch in terms of the quality of the images, but 9 certainly had more depth in terms of meaning, although not as much as I would have expected. I agree with some critics that science fiction is one of the hardest genre of movie to make well. When you see a good science fiction movie, it should be both exciting and also so interesting that you want to think about it a lot for a long time afterwards. While both of these two movies were quite exciting and offered some interesting ideas, neither involved me so much that I wanted to think about them much after viewing.

The cabin crew turned off the lights and most people went to sleep. I adjusted my watch to Sydney time two hours ahead, and then relaxed and tried to sleep. The noise of the plane’s engines was really loud though, and I found it difficult to relax completely, but instead merely drifted in and out of sleep until the crew switched the lights on again and it was officially morning.

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