Saturday, 30th of January

I woke up naturally with the dim light filtering through the curtains. It was actually a perfectly bright-sun, blue-sky day, and it was a lovely sight to see through the windows of Adrian’s home’s windows. I went downstairs and said good morning to them both. They were sitting at the kitchen table in their dressing gowns and drinking tea and chatting. I went out for a run, jogging up the road and then ate some cereal and chatted with them too, and then borrowed my mother’s car and went to visit my second sister Angela, and collect some of my old clothes from her place. Then I came home until it was time to go to Adrian’s eldest son’s place for afternoon tea. We met his wife and children, and his wife’s sister and her children, and their son’s mother and her partner. It was a lovely, relaxing and sociable time.

After that I went to get some food for dinner. I ordered some fish and chips, and while waiting for them to be cooked for me I met an old friend from university. We chatted until she picked up her order, and then I waited outside in the afternoon sunshine before meeting my brother-in-law (Angela’s husband) Aman. He is my second sister’s husband, and he really likes loud, noisy rock music too. We met a workmate of his and went to see a very famous Australian rock band called ‘AC-DC‘. They were so loud that many people around the whole city could hear them playing very clearly! They were also a lot of fun, and I was very glad to see them, and to share the fun event with Aman.

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