Tuesday, 26th of January

The last day of class – yippee!

The last classes for the ‘year’ for me went well enough. I feel positive about the writing course. I think Chris The New Teacher will be fine, and the students will look after him well, haa.

I really enjoyed our shared lunch together. I was glad that so many students did come, and, I was very surprised when Mr. Lee so kindly payed the bill for us ALL!  Haa haa – I will have to forgive him now for not coming to every class!

In the evening I shared a final meal with my good friend Jordi and his nice wife Yealim. They are leaving Gwangju soon to go to Europe to work and study and to give birth to twins. Wow! Jordi’s life will be very busy. Yealim likes similar kinds of food to me, so, I treated them to the vegetarian buffet meal down town near the police station on Art Street. We had a great meal, and chatted openly about the last year and the future. It was really nice. I was glad to spend some good quality time with them. I hope I see them again in such a relaxed and happy atmosphere.

After that I went to catch up with some co-workers who were celebrating the end of the first half of the holiday semester. They were at the sort-of Italian restaurant near the back gate. It was nice to spend some time with them, as often during the work day we are all to busy to just sit around and chat about life and work and everything else. It was a relaxing way to enjoy the last night of the work semester for me, even if I did get home later and more tired than I had expected!

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