Sunday, 24th of January

This morning, while surfing around the internet, I found another really good video clip. This one, however, is not from a movie: it is from a TV show.

Jamie Oliver is a very famous person in the UK and throughout Europe and even in North America (Canada and the USA). What is his job? He is a chef. He is a television chef.

He speaks quite fast, and he has a strong English accent, but he is also often funny, and honest, and, he is interested in the politics of food.

He made a special, expensive ‘gala’ dinner for many different people, and this involved dressing up in nice clothes and using nice plates and cutlery (knives and forks). It also involved him actually killing chicks and a chicken live on TV, so people could see exactly what they are eating.

He also talks about free range chickens, and visited some different types of chicken farms.

… It was very interesting to watch the reactions of the people in the audience. You can watch the whole show here.

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