Saturday, 23rd of January

This morning, when I woke up, I wanted to just go back to sleep again! I went to bed far too late last night, even though I really enjoyed the live music, and catching up with some great old friends who I’d not seen for a long time.

Fortunately, it was a bright and sunny morning, which always makes it easier to get up. I opened my curtains and windows to let in some fresh air and sunshine, and turned on my computer to check my email and listen to some music, and then I made some porridge for breakfast and did some washing and cleaning.

In the afternoon I went for a swim, and then came home to do some more study. While on a break though at my computer, I found a really interesting video called ‘King Corn‘.

It is about how farmers all through the USA are given money by the government (‘subsidized‘) to grow corn that they cannot actually eat. It tastes disgusting. It is a ‘genetically modified organism‘. The corn does not actually belong to the farmers, it belongs to a sick, evil, big company called ‘Monsanto‘. The corn has to be treated, or processed with chemicals (acids) and then it is turned into sugar which is actually very very bad for us all. It is causing cancer, diabetes, obesity epidemics, and many many other major health problems in many other countries, including South Korea.

When I go for swims these days, I often see young children who are very, VERY fat. It is very scary. I feel very sorry for them. What are their parents feeding them? How did they get to be that size?! The answer is:

a diet supplied by cheap corn-sugar pushed by the US government onto the world. … It really makes me feel like smashing a few cider drink vending machines.

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