Monday, 25th of January

Yay! Today is the second-to-last day I have to get up early to come to school. I will be on vacation on Wednesday!

Classes were good again today, although some interesting things happened. Firstly, most students came to essay writing class, and they were mostly on time, too! That was great to see. Two NEW students turned up today though. That was a bit strange, but, ‘The more the merrier!’ I like having more people in class. It helps other people to learn.

Secondly, when I went to meet the library study group today, I found that they were talking about ‘Sexual assault’ especially relating to children and women. It was another interesting topic.

After lunch today I went for a swim in Yeomju Swimming Pool. I had a whole lane to myself for most of an hour. It was really nice!

Then I went to the immigration office at the other end of Yeomju Dong. I got my passport stamped and so I will be legal for another year in South Korea. Yay!

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