Friday, 22nd of January

This morning started cold and overcast again, but was sunny again by 10 am. By midday though it was still cold!

Classes were good today. The library study group talked about ‘racial discrimination’ this morning. It was very interesting, because a couple of students had been to my home town in New Zealand to study, and, they had experienced some people being very rude to them and their friends, and saying very stupid things. It was embarrassing to hear about that. I feel very sorry for those students. I wish I could do something to convince people in my home town that their behavior is stupid, unnecessary, and very bad for themselves, for others, and for New Zealand and the world. Maybe they would behave better if they realised what it is like to be someone else.

This evening I had dinner with another two teachers with whom I am starting to get to know better, and become friends. We ate a little, and then spent another couple of hours at one guy’s place and just listened to music and chatted. It was really nice.

After that we went down town to listen to another teacher’s band play some rock music in a bar. It was loud, and the air was smokey from cigarettes (which I really hate) but it was great to see other people, and to meet some new people, and to listen to the great live music.

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