Thursday, 21st of January

Today was pretty quiet all around.

I was early to meet Marcus, a co-worker and a nice guy who has been picking me up from my apartment to give me a lift to school this week. Even though I was early, he was still there waiting for me – he was even earlier than I was!

We looked at articles in class today, and reviewed some students’ writing, both of which was useful and good to do. My other classes went okay and then I had lunch with my new friend who is preparing for her Seoul teacher’s test. She is still making basic mistakes in her speaking, but is also still getting faster at quickly correcting herself. She did tell me today, however, that she has to do a LOT of paperwork between now and the test time, too, so, she actually has very little spare time to study English properly. I hope she passes the test, but, I really wonder if she can do it. It is possible, but, I don’t really know.

I remembered tonight that last weekend I met a friend at the swimming pool, and he introduced me to one of the young swim coaches at that pool, and that young coach asked me about teaching swimming in New Zealand. I have absolutely no idea about that at all, of course, but, I agreed to help find out about it… which means I need to find out everything about it! It’s another using of my spare time by some random stranger. Hmm.

Anyway, I went home early this afternoon and did a lot of reading on the computer, and also washed my dishes, did the laundry, and cooked a delicious meal. Wow, I’m a good cook!

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