Wednesday, 20th of January

Wow! Today was an interesting day. Even though it was rainy, and one of my students said she didn’t like it because it was dark and not sunny, I really enjoyed today from the start through to the finish.

First of all it was really nice to see ALL the essay writing students together again at the same time in the same classroom. Most students seem to be working on some really interesting essays. They have some great ideas.

After the first class I went down to see the high-level self-directed free-talking students I meet every morning in the library. There were only about four out of twelve of them there today. The essay writing students seem more committed to coming to earlier classes than them. Anyway, following their discussion on euthanasia (or ‘mercy killing’)  I came back up to the main building for an interesting conversation with my free-talking class on running shoes. We also spent a bit of time analyzing the newspaper article on running shoes, because it was quite complex, but it was also very interesting. Then, I finished the morning with my good Level 4 students. We had a nice class time, and I think the students learned a lot too, even though we only covered one page. We laughed about the weather a bit at the start of class, saying that it was ‘a good day for ducks’ (and for students who haven’t washed their hair – they can just go outside for a free shower – with the ducks) .

Tonight, however, as I was walking home from the office, I called my friend and co-worker Al to ask about catching up for lunch one day this week. He had some very good news to tell me immediately though: he is going to continue working at Chosun University this year and so he is going to stay living in Gwangju. He is very happy, and so am I. Yay!

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