Monday, 18th of January

Another bright and beautiful sunny Monday morning it was today. It was nice to start a fresh week with the whole class present and in attendance for the essay writing course. I wanted to teach about using PEC properly. I hope I did not talk too much… I enjoyed both the free-talking and the Level 4 classes today. Both went well.

For lunch I had some dolsot-bibimbap with my new friend who is studying for her exam next week. She was a bit dejected because someone had told her that she was not good enough to pass the test, but, she did not know that person, and that person did not know her, so I tried to encourage her and think of ways to help her. I will meet her for lunch again tomorrow with another friend of mine whom I trust to be really nice and helpful for her.

After lunch I got some exercise and then went home to cook a big, healthy, yummy-delicious dinner of brown rice and stir-fried vegetables (including mushrooms – yay!).

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