Wednesday, 13th of January, 2010

Early this morning we started class by making some plunger coffee. We used the example of a process essay as a guide, like a set of instructions. It seemed to work okay as an example. It looked a bit strong, but smelt great! The students seemed to understand the idea of a process essay, but I’m not sure if they were really interested in writing their own one. Oh well, that’s okay. They can go ahead and write a comparison essay. At least they know what a process essay is, and why it’s important, and, we looked again at introductions and conclusions, too.

In the Level 4 class today we finally sang through the whole song. I’m not sure how well I sang. It sounded okay to me… but I think the students were unimpressed. Oh well. I hope my students all come back tomorrow. Maybe I’ve poisoned or deafened them all in one day!

In other news, it is very sad to see what state Haiti is in. It looks like a terrible, awful disaster of the worst sort. One news report says it was their worst earthquake in 200 years. My friend Mike lived there for a year or two when he was younger, and I think he still has some friends there now. Wow, it looks really scary. I hope the governments of the developed countries of the world hurry up and send effective and useful aid there quickly enough to help the people there.

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