Thursday, 14th of January, 2010

Well, I enjoyed today’s free-talking class. I’ve taught all the most basic things about essays, so, now it’s up to students to hurry up and write a lot, and, I will concentrate on introducing more hints, tips, and details of written English to them, like we started on today.

I think all the students in class today found it very useful to learn about ‘connectives’, ‘conjunctions’, and MSWord as a spell-check and grammar-check tool.

I will have to introduce them to the spell-check tool on the blog site too, and make sure they all know how to use that as well.

For lunch today, I shared again with the friend of a friend. She is studying to sit the Seoul English teacher’s exam in two weeks. Her English is not very good, and she does not seem to know much about teaching in general, and she has not even finished her thesis! It is a bit scary. She asked me today whether I thought she could pass the exam. Of course I said she could, but, I also said I have no idea whether she actually would. That is up to her. So anyway, we chatted a bit over lunch, and then we went to a coffee shop and discussed a couple more of her test questions.

… She is very nice. I hope she passes the test and gets a great job and lives happily ever after.

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