Friday 8th of January

Yay – it’s Friday – the end of the first week of the course!

Today went well. The essay writing course finished reading about hooks and hopefully writing their own introductions, including hooks and thesis statements.

Level 4 sang some more of the song, and the free-talking class was STILL talking about bottled water. We finished it off today though. Next Monday we will start a new week with a new topic! Probably it will be the Darwin Awards. I think that’s a great topic – it’s kind of funny – and also really interesting. It’s a good opportunity for students to talk about anything they want to, really: science, life and death, the nature of humour, taking risks and dealing with danger… so it will be interesting to see what they want to discuss, given that topic.

Today in essay writing we finally read about conclusions. We used the essay from the first chapter of the official text book. I like the way it has the different parts of the essay labelled on the back side of the paper I photo-copied. I hope some students find this paper useful for understanding the structure of an English-style essay.

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